Dean's Welcome Message


Prof. Saleh Salem Al-Busaidi

College Dean


    We welcome you to the website of the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University. The College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University is one of the oldest colleges in the university and it has gone through many developmental stages. The vision of the college is "to be a professional and distinguished center that emphasizes social and scientific values, contributes to improving the lives of every individual, and enhances the welfare of the society as a whole." The college seeks to translate this vision through "preparing distinguished graduates in teaching, training, counseling, and scientific research through undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The college seeks to be a center of excellence that uses scientific research to develop sustainable systems and programs that meet the needs of society and enhance its values."

       The college obtained international academic accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Preparation Programs (NCATE) (now called CAEP) in the United States of America in 2016, and we are now working on the second cycle of accreditation. Quality assurance is one of the fundamental principles in any institution and it is even more important in academic institutions whose duty is to educate and graduate individuals ready for take on responsibility. Academic accreditation reflects the international recognition of the principles on which the institution is based and the policies and procedures it follows that positively affect the outputs. The College of Education seeks to excel in the programs and services it offers through proper planning and consultation with partners inside and outside the University, and the continuous review and development that follows. As such, it is considered a home of expertise in the field of teaching and learning, scientific research and community service.

       The College has initiated and participated in several research projects that have had a great impact on the community. She has also organized many community events and activities. The College houses a large number of programs at undergraduate, diploma and graduate levels, distributed over a number of disciplines that reflect the needs of the local and regional community. These programs are supervised and delivered by professionals from Oman and around the world. The College is proud of its staff from the faculty, technical and administrative cadres who have contributed and still are in achieving its vision and mission and translating its plans and strategic goals into reality. The College is proud that a number of its members, including professors and students, have won awards and international recognition for their creativity and research production.

Best wishes!