The Psychology Department at the College of Education of Sultan Qaboos University introduces the Master of Arts program in psychology. The program has five tracks. The M.A. in Educational Psychology began in 1995, while the M.A. in Measurement and Evaluation began in 2002. In 2013, two other tracks were added: the Learning Disabilities and the M.A. in Career Guidance. In 2020, the M.A. in Counseling Psychology was introduced. The program involves studying nine courses and preparating a master's thesis under the supervision of professors in the specialization. Candidates for the M.A. program are accepted from psychology majors as well as all educational disciplines. Others may also enroll in the program upon completion of some confrontational courses. The program is two years for full-time students and three years for those studying part-time.


The Department’s M.A. program currently has the following five tracks:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Educational Psychology
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Measurement and Evaluation


M.A. in Counseling Psychology

The ultimate goal of the Master’s in Counseling Psychology is to prepare highly-qualified professionals in counseling who are able to provide educational and health community institutions with diverse counseling services. The candidate - after finishing the program - is expected to apply the skills, techniques and strategies of counseling in different counseling services. This track is based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience to make the candidate a more proficient practitioner who qualifies to be awarded a licensure. Concepts covered in the program include counseling theories, designing counseling programs, counseling techniques and strategies, group counseling, psychological disorders, research methods and clinical work in counseling. To view the degree plan for this track, click here.


M.A. in Career Guidance and Counseling

This master’s track is designed to promote career guidance and counseling services in the Sultanate of Oman by enhancing the professional skills of in-service career counselors. During the program, students learn to acquire theoretical foundations and different approaches in career guidance as well as apply career guidance skills and theories in educational, career and life settings. Concepts covered in the program include career guidance theories, counseling skills, designing career counseling programs, career counseling techniques and strategies, issues related to career guidance, assessment and diagnosis in career guidance, research methods and clinical work in counseling. To view the degree plan for this track, click here.


M.A. in Educational Psychology

The Master’s in Educational Psychology is a practical degree program track for psychologists interested in working in the field of education. During the program, students learn to use psychological tools to advance their understanding of learning processes in order to improve strategies used in the classroom and create a better educational system. Concepts covered in the program include learning theories, instructional strategies, contemporary issues in learning, cognitive psychology, individual differences, motivation, educational research methods and psychological statistics. To view the degree plan for this track, click here.


M.A. in Learning Disabilities

The M.A. in Learning Disabilities track aims to provide candidates with knowledge, skills and personal competencies that qualify them to work in inclusive education environments, as teachers in the resource room program or as educational supervisors in the Ministry of Education. Concepts covered in the program include learning disabilities theories, current approaches in learning disabilities, language and reading disabilities, developmental psychology and research methods. To view the degree plan for this track, click here


M.A. in Measurement and Evaluation

The measurement and evaluation track is concerned with providing students with the research and professional knowledge and skills necessary to understand and evaluate the educational process. The study plan for the track focuses on preparing specialized cadres capable of building measurement and evaluation tools for psychological and educational variables to help meet the needs of the educational system in the Sultanate of Oman. The program also prepares candidates to become specialized in the statistical analysis of research studies and student results in educational tests and standards in order to develop the educational process. To view the degree plan for this track, click here.