Office of Assistant Dean for Postgraduate and Research


The Article (17) of Sultan Qaboos University By-laws Executive Regulations refers to thirteen major tasks that the office carried out focusing on postgraduate studies and scientific research. Among the most important of these tasks is that the Office coordinates the graduate studies programs and supervises their implementation. It follows up the implementation and provisions of academic rules and regulations for postgraduate studies and scientific research, through coordination with the Deanships of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. The office also provides support to researchers and students in their research assignments. It coordinates with the relevant University authorities to organize and hold conferences, seminars and workshops. The office plays a role in coordinating with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies regarding the admission of students to the various postgraduate programs offered by the College of Education. It has an active role in supervising the distribution of financial allocations for scientific research, in addition to following up procedures related to consultation services.


PhD Programs:

The College of Education offers the following PhD programs:

  • Curriculum and Instruction in Arabic Language
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Islamic Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics
  • Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Science Education
  • PhD program in English Language Teaching
  • Educational Administration
  • PhD Program in Islamic Studies


Master Programs:

The College of Education offers the following Master's programs:

  • CUTM of Arabic Language
  • CUTM of English Language
  • CUTM of Islamic Education
  • CUTM of Mathematics Education
  • CUTM of Science Education
  • Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational  Leadership & Administration
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Educational Psychology
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Specialization: Counseling
  • Islamic Jurisprudence and its Principle
  • Fundamental of Religion and Da'wa
  • Sport Management and Supervision
  • Physical and Health Conditioning
  • Instructional & Learning Technologies
  • Fine Arts
  • Teaching Arts





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College of Education Research Groups 2021- 2022
Principles of Education and Administration

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Yasser Fathy Elhendawy

Dr. Omer Hashim Ismail

Educational Administration and Leadership

Higher Education Studies

Physical Education & Sport Sciences

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Badriya Khalfan Al-Hadabi

Dr. Radhouane Hadj Sassi

Dr. Mahfoodha Sulaiman Al-Kitani

Sport Sciences and Quality of Life

Biological Sciences Applied to Sports and Physical Activities

Exercise for Life

Art Education

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Zahra Ahmed Al-Zidjali

Prof. Fakhriya Khalfan Al-Yahyaei

Dr. Yasser Ebraheem Mongy

Omani Crafts and Heritage

Omani Visual Art

Critical and Historical Research in Visual Arts


Group Chair

Group Name

Prof. Ali Mahdi Kadhim

Prof. Rashid Saif Al Mahrizi

Prof. Said SulaimanAl-Dhafri

Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Emam

Dr. Zubaida Soliman Shebani

Measurement and Evaluation in Learning and Instruction

Applications of Psychological and Educational Measurement Theories

Motivation and Parenting

Interdisciplinary Research in Special-Inclusive Education

Cognition and Neuropsychology

Islamic Sciences

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al-Kindy

Prof. Mabrouk Mansouri

Prof. Anke Sandra Bouzenita

Prof. Sulaiman Ali Al-Shueily

Dr. Said Rashid Al-Sawafi

Studies in the Prophetic Sunnah

Islamic Thought

Studies in Islamic Bioethics

Research and Islamic Studies

Studies in Quran

Curriculum and Teaching

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Saif Nasser Al- Maamari

Prof. Mohammed HamoodAl Amri

Prof. Saleh Salim Al-Busaidi

Citizenship and Social Studies Education

Education Through Art

Creative Ways in Teaching and Learning the English Language

Education and Learning Technology

Group Chair

Group Name

Dr. Shubair Abdulkareem Abdullah

Prof. Raja Maznah Binti Raja Hussain

Educational Data Mining

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)