1000 Points
This SQU Points is a non-credit Points System that is voluntary for the student to accumulate out of 1000 points during his/her stay at SQU before graduation. The 1000 Points System reflects the student's noncurricular performance in knowledge, skills, service, sense of social responsibility to the community, and other activities that the student may have participated in, or contributed to, during the time spent at SQU, e.g. student organization activities/leadership, sports, etc. Every student may thus monitor his/her progress in knowledge, talents and performance on nondegree activities over the years while at SQU.
A student may earn a maximum of 1000 Points during the entire stay at SQU from activities other than those related to curriculum courses or courses counted in the degree program. These are distributed between various categories - Knowledge, Skills, Service, and College-Related Items and Miscellaneous. These categories are designed in such a way that they contribute to the fulfilment of the requirements of SQU Graduate Attributes. Each category is divided into several sub-categories which represent the ways in which a student can earn Points. Some activities that a student may have undertaken will fall in more than one category/sub-category in which case, the student must choose only one category or sub-category to collect the Points for that activity. An activity may earn Points only from one category/sub-category.
The distribution of the Points in the various categories and sub-categories are as follows:
I. Knowledge – 340 Ps
II. Skills – 190 Ps
III. Service – 370 Ps
IV. College-Related Items & Miscellaneous   – 100 Ps
For recording of the system, an online computer system has been set up by SQU for students to enter their points as they earn them, together with the evidences for the extracurricular activities.The Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service of every College will approve the verified evidence for the Students' SQU-IOOO Points record.Once verified, the points will be forwarded to the students' record at the office of the Student Affairs for accumulation of the points in the assigned category.These Points earned from extracurricular activities are saved separately from the credit earned from academic performance in the Student Affairs office.At graduation, the student will be awarded the total points earned in each category. These will be awarded to the student in a separate Record entitled "SQU-IOOO Points Extracurricular Activities".