About Scholarship

Pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies of the college’s staff members is tremendously important for the college and the office. The office receives all applications for pursuing further studies from staff and examines each application in the Training and Scholarship committee of the college. The office, then, contacts the Center of Staff Development for other university procedures. Successful applicants are released from work to finish their studies. Once on study leave, the office regularly follows them up until they finish their studies.

Scholarship Regulations

College of Education Scholarship Regulations for Administrative and Technical Staff

1. To have spent at least four years serving the university or two years at the college.
2. The job performance appraisal assessment for the last two years should not be less than "very good".
3. The approval of the direct supervisor, accompanied by an official letter of no objection, and no request for a replacement to be addressed to the Assistant Dean's Office for Training and Community Service.
4. The specialization is appropriate to the nature of the applicant's work.
5. The importance of specialization to the college and the nature of its needs.
6. His absence / time off does not affect the progress of work.
7. The total number of released applicants from the college during one academic year should not exceed two.
8. If more than one person from the college applies to study, priority is given to other considerations such as:
a. seniority.
B. The size of the applicant's involvement and participation in the college committees and activities.
c. Job performance assessment.