The Early Education Department

The Department was established in 2006 to offer the Early Education program as an example in the region and to gain international recognition as it was designed in accordance with standards and principles developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


The Early Education Department seeks to be pioneer in preparing professional educators in the field of early education to contribute to community advancement and preservation of its civilization and cultural heritage.


The Early Education Department aims to prepare critically reflective and responsive educators; equipped with specialized knowledge, lifelong learning principles, effective teaching skills, and research and technological skills necessary to the holistic development of children. These competencies will lead to a generation of children who are able to cope with contemporary challenges.

Department objectives:

  • To develop a professional philosophy based on theory and research of child development and theories of instruction.
  • To provide competency in skills of observation and the use of appropriate assessment tools and documentation techniques in evaluating the child's growth and development.
  • To motivate and help children to develop in all domains (cognitive, social, emotional, physical, environmental, etc.) and become independent learners who construct meaningful information from the world around them.
  • To help students grow professionally in designing and implementing activities suitable for the development of children in all curricular areas.
  • To develop competency in designing an appropriate environment for young children, in selecting suitable equipment, and in designing appropriate materials.
  • To help children work harmoniously and effectively with adults, including parents, staff, and other professionals.
  • To foster competency in enhancing the development and education of children with special needs.
  • To conduct research that contributes to the development and enhancement of early childhood domains and involved staff.
  • To provide opportunities for continuing education for all parties such as teachers, parents, and graduates of early childhood education program.

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education:

This program prepares ECE teachers and equips them with the necessary skills to provide the care that a child need in various aspects, and be able to utilize observation skills and evaluation instruments in assessing the child’s development. The program further trains teachers professionally in designing and employing appropriate activities to develop the child at all professional levels and design a suitable environment for children. In addition, this program facilitates contact with parents, as well as improves the education of children with special needs.


The program provides students with the main methods utilized to create a motivating educational environment that encourages the child to be interested in the educational process through communication and cooperation with others and using the appropriate materials and tools. In addition, the Child Care Centre, which is considered a complete research environment, provides the graduates with additional opportunities to conduct field research and improve their observation and investigation skills.     


To be registered in the ECE major, students should get a minimum grade of ‘C’ in the following subjects: Basic Arabic language, Basic English Language and Islamic culture. The students will then be interviewed to ensure their desire to study the major and other teaching-related personal aspects.


Students enrolled in this program must complete (125) credit hours distributed as follows:

  • University requirements:         12 credit hours
  • Major requirements:                83 credit hours
  • Sub-Major requirements:        21 credit hours
  • Major electives:                        9 credit hours