Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction was established as a unit within the Department of Education and Psychology in 1986 and became an independent academic department at the beginning of the academic year 1991/1992. The Department aims to prepare teachers, educational supervisors and specialists to meet the needs of the educational sector in the Sultanate of Oman; it also aims to develop the professional skills of workers in the field of education.


The Department aspires to be an academic center of excellence in curriculum, teaching, research and community service.


The Department strives to contribute to the preparation of skilled cadres who are capable of improving teaching and educational research and developing curricula in educational institutions to enhance the community’s sustainable development.

Department Objectives:

  • To prepare qualified educational professionals in the fields of curriculum and instruction at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • To develop instruction, training, and educational services on a scientific basis, through cooperation with concerned local, regional and international institutions.
  • To conduct mainstream research and its diverse applications to solve problems related to the curriculum and methods of instruction.
  • To contribute to building a knowledge based society and employing technology in curriculum development and instruction.
  • To strengthen the role of the curriculum in fostering spiritual and moral values, identity, and a sense of belonging and loyalty to the community and to the country at large.
  • To establish effective partnerships with the community’s institutions to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development in the area of curriculum and instruction.

Bachelor’s degree:

The Department cooperates with other departments in the College of  Education, College of Science and College of Arts and Social Sciences in preparing teachers in the following majors:

  • Islamic education
  • Arabic language
  • Science: chemistry, physics, biology
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies.
  • English Language.
  • Physical education
  • Art education
  • Instructional & Learning Technology