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No. of


 2022  -




7 28.573 2 20.300 28
2021 1 34.000 10


3 8400 6


2020 - - 8


3 8700 3


2019 - - 13


5 12.800 3


2018 2 90.000 11 28.750 2


- - 15
2016 - - 9 64.570 - - 1 73.750 10



The generous funds donated by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos are used to support long-term, multidisciplinary strategic research projects of importance to the Sultanate. The aim of such projects is to generate new knowledge and discoveries leading to substantial socio-economic benefits to the Omani society in the long run. Researchers are expected to obtain major results and identify anticipated direct benefits to prospective users. This type of research is expected to help the University build an infrastructure for “centers of excellence” in vital areas, in addition to making a solid contribution to the advancement of University’s academic programs. This type of research should generally go along with the Sultanate's long term planning goals.

Projects Title

1 SR/EDU/CUTM/18/01 Redesigning Teacher Education Programs Using National Performance Indicators, International Standards, and Exemplary Models: Towards Reshaping Teacher Education in Oman Prof. Sulaiman Al-Balushi 


2018 2023  Running
2 SR/EDU/PSYC/18/01 Design of a New Achievement Indicator in Reading and Mathematics for the Ministry of Education Key Performance Indicators in Key Stage 1 Schools: Towards Improving Student Learning Outcomes in the Sultanate of Oman Prof. Mahmoud Emam PSYC 2018 2023 Running
3 SR/EDU/CUTM/21/01 Developing a National Training Framework of STEM-based Competencies in Oman: Impact on Teachers’ Content Knowledge (CK), Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK), Students’ Achievement, and Motivation Dr. Mohammed Shahat


2021 2024 Running



Faculty is encouraged to seek funding from The Research Council. Under this scheme, projects may be funded through open research grants or strategic grants. Open research grants are funds for academic research. They are considered a key driver of wealth and social progress and are instrumental in producing new knowledge leading to future applications, markets or social understanding. Strategic grants support strategic research activities and aim to gain or consolidate leadership in key areas. They must relate to themes identified by the Research Council as the most important fields of knowledge, where research capacity and excellence are particularly important to improve Oman’s ability to address the social, economic, public health and environmental challenges of the future. 

    Projects Title           

1 RC/SR-EDU/CUTM/22/02 The impact of a virtual laboratory in teaching and learning Cambridge Mathematics series curricula on teachers' teaching performance, conceptual acquisition, and mathematical competence of their students Dr. Khawla Al-Hosni CUTM 2022 2024 Running
2 RC/SR-EDU/CUTM/22/03 Designing Suggested Units based on Entrepreneurial Education and Future Skills and Measuring their Impact on the Creative Solution to Problems, Entrepreneurial Thinking Skills, and Entrepreneurial Intentions among Tenth-Grade Students Dr. Mohammed Shahat CUTM 2022 2024 Running
3 RC/GRG-EDU/DEFA/21/01 Suggested measures for effective human resources diversity management in higher education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman according the sustainable development goals 2030 Dr. Omer Hashim  EDUC 2021 2023 Running
4 RC/GRG-EDU/CUTM/21/03 The professional identity of the Omani teacher and its impact on their image in the Omani society: Concepts and solutions Prof. Ali Al Issa CUTM 2021 2023  Running
5 RC/GRG-EDU/CUTM/21/02 The reality of using the learning in nature approach in alleviating the symptoms of autism during crises (Covid-19 as a model) from the point of views of parents of autistic children Prof. Saif Al-Mamari  CUTM 2021


6 RC/RG-EDU/DEFA/21/02 A Roadmap to Enhance Academic Quality in Omani Universities Using the QS Ranking System: Towards Realizing Oman Vision 2040 Dr. Khalaf Al-Abri


2021 2023 Running
7 RC/RG-EDU/DEFA/21/01 Online Micro-Credentials: A New Window to Up-Skill and Re-Skill Professionals in the Omani labour market Dr. Aisha Al-Harthi  EDUC 2021 2023 Running
8 RC/RG-EDU/CUTM/21/01 Exploring Complexities of Learning Science and Mathematics in Multilingual Contexts: Towards Building a Resilient Learning Environment  Prof. Sulaiman AL-Balushi  CUTM  2021 2023 Running
9 RG/GRG-EDU/CUMT/20/02 The effects of enhancing the social and emotional aspects of the fourth grade students in science subject to developing their attitudes towards science and understanding the nature of science and academic achievement Dr. Mohammed Shahat 


2020 2022 Finished
10 RC/GRG-EDU/DEFA/20/01 The Readiness of Higher Education Institutions in the Sultanate of Oman to Meet the Requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to achieve Oman’s Vision 2040 Prof. Wajeha AL-Ani  EDUC 2020 2022 Finished
11 RC/GRG-EDU/CUTM/20/01  The impact of a mobile application based on Gamification approach on grade 8 students’ development of achievement motivation, attitudes towards self-learning, acquisition and retention of scientific concepts in the Sultanate of Oman Prof. Sulaiman AL-Balushi  CUTM 2020 2022 Finished


Internal grants are derived from the University’s annual budget and other internal resources, as well as unconditional research donations made to the University by outside bodies, without stipulating specific restrictions on the research topic. Internal grants are used to support academic research which is expected to yield original results or findings that generate new knowledge and to develop concepts consistent with the research and educational objectives of the University. Results obtained are also likely to generate interest in a subsequent research project of a broader scope to be considered from other funds.

    Projects Title           

1 IG/EDU/TECH/22/03 Design, Development and Evaluation of a Professional Development Program: Empirical Framework for Teaching Omani Graduate Students to Design Online Courses Dr. Rouhollah Khodabandelou  TECH 2022 2023 Running
2 IG/EDU/TECH/22/02 Developing Prototype Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) with Articulate Storyline: Designing Instructional Design Course for Lecturers in the Sultanate of Oman Dr. Abdul Halim Mohamed TECH 2022 2023 Running
3 IG/EDU/TECH/22/01 Designing and developing electronic faculty appraisal System (eFAPPS) Dr. Shubair  Abdullah TECH 2022 2023 Running
4 IG/EDU/PSYC/22/04 Marital Happiness: Does it change over time? Factors contributing to it among couples in Oman Dr. Manal Al-Fazari PSYC 2022 2023  Running
5 IG/EDU/PSYC/22/03 Visual Motor Integration in Early Adolescence: A cross-gender evaluation of the Full Range Test of Visual-Motor Integration using Rasch analysis in Three Arab Countries Dr. Ehab Omara PSYC 2022


6 IG/EDU/PSYC/22/02 A structural predictive model of academic observation for universities students in the Sultanate of Oman in the light of reasons related to the student, society and university and treatment suggestions Dr. Yousef Abu Shindi PSYC 2022 2023 Running
7 IG/EDU/PSYC/22/01 Disability severity as a mediator in the relationship between teachers’ agency, grit, and resiliency and attitudes towards inclusive education in Oman Dr. Aisha Al-Harthi  EDUC 2021 2023 Running
8 RC/RG-EDU/CUTM/21/01 Exploring Complexities of Learning Science and Mathematics in Multilingual Contexts: Towards Building a Resilient Learning Environment  Prof. Mahmoud Emam PSYC 2022 2023 Running
9 IG/EDU/PHED/22/02 Evaluation of mental rotation task in static and dynamic balance conditions with object-based and egocentric transformations in badminton vs volleyball players Dr. Samiha Amara PHED 2022 2023 Running 
10       IG/EDU/PHED/22/01  A proposed framework to develop the physical education curriculum in the light of Oman's 2040 vision: Strengthening the national identity through the inclusion of Omani kinetic folklore Dr. Khalifa Al Jadidi PHED 2022 2023 Running
11 IG/EDU/ISPR/22/01 The sea and related legal rules in the Omani fiqh encyclopedias Prof. Anke Bouzenita ISLM 2022 2023 Running
12 IG//EDU/ECED/22/01 The reality of the practices of parents and teachers in the language development of children in early childhood in the Sultanate of Oman Dr. Amur Alaisri ECED 2022 2023 Running
13 IG/EDU/DEFA/22/03 Towards a Contextual Understanding of School Principal Agency in Public Schools in Oman:  Leading during the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Yara Hilal  EDUC 2022 2023 Running
14 IG/EDU/DEFA/22/02 Towards a better alignment between educational administration and leadership research, and policy and practice in Oman: building capacity and developing a research agenda Dr. Waheed Hammad EDUC 2022 2023 Running
15 IG/EDU/DEFA/22/01 The principal investigator declares that he/she has prepared this proposal and that the ideas contained in it are original and that all provided information is accurate and correct Dr. Khalaf Al-Abri  EDUC 2022 2023 Running
16 IG/EDU/CUTM/22/04 The student attitudes of sultan Qaboos university and the university of Mostanganem in Algeria towards the adoption of distance e- learning and their proposal to activate it in higher education after the Corona  pandemic Dr. Maimona Al-Zedjali CUTM  2022 2023 Running
17 IG/EDU/CUTM/22/03 Private Tutoring in Oman: Is it Constructive or 
Dr. Abdo Al-Mekhlafi CUTM 2022 2023 Running
18 IG/EDU/CUTM/22/02 Pre-service art education and physical education teachers’ 10perceptions towards knowledge integration between plastic arts and school sports curricula and the challenges that impede its achievement in the Sultanate of Oman Prof. Mohammed Al-Amri CUTM 2022 2023 Running
19 IG/EDU/CUTM/22/01 The Effect of using digital educational models for scientific inquiry in visual arts on developing visual thinking skills, and fostering self-efficacy beliefs among students of basic education in Oman and their attitudes towards it Dr. Yasser Fawzi  CUTM 2022 2023 Running
20 IG/EDU/ARTS/22/01 A project of transforming the literature of Omani stories and folk songs into visual interactive graphics drawing: Consolidating the concepts of Omani identity and culture  Prof. Fakhriya Al Yahyai ARED 2022 2023 Running




The Deanship of Research announces the launch of the Deanship of Research Fund program Applications are open all year and are evaluated twice a year in mid-May and in mid-November in accordance with the process and responsibilities. For more information, Please Click Here. Joint Grants The University may allocate a budget to match funds from other institutions to form a Joint Grants Fund to jointly support a research program. This type of research grant is governed by a signed research agreement with the other institution.

Projects Title

1 RF/EDU/PSYC/23/02 Pragmatic Language and Literacy-related Skills in Omani Elementary Students: A
Comparison of Referred and Non-Referred Students for Learning Disabilities
Prof. Mahmoud Emam     PSYC 2022 2022 Finished
2 RF/EDU/PSYC/23/01 The development of a School Psychological, social, and physical behavioral index in Oman Dr. Amel Al-Hadabi PSYC 2022 2022 Finished
3 RF/EDU/PSYC/22/02 Uncovering University Students Personality Factors: Dark personality traits, mental toughness, the meaning of life, and life satisfaction in Oman and Egypt Dr. Mai Helmy PSYC 2022 2022 Finished
4 RF/EDU/ECED/22/01 The Effects of scientific fieldtrips and science classroom activities on young children's understanding of dates Dr. Iskender Gelir ECED 2022 2022 Finished
5 RF/EDU/PSYC/22/01 Cognitive offloading and its relationship with academic performance and academic resilience among higher education students in Oman Dr. Zubaida Shebani PSYC 2022 2022 Finished
6 RF/EDU/CUTM/22/01 After cyclone" shaheen " : an exploratory study to indicate the impact of natural crisis on students wellness at the affected areas and the role of educational curricula in awareness Dr. Durayra Al Maqbali CUTM 2022 2022 Finished
7 RF/EDU/ARTS/22/01 Applying modern techniques to the traditional Omani ornaments by using the enameling technique Dr. Amal Al Ismaili ARED 2022 2022 Finished
8 RF/EDU/CUTM/21/01 A project-based model in teaching English through art: an innovative approach Prof. Saleh Al-Busaidi CUTM 2021 2021 Finished
9 RF/EDU/PSYC/21/02 Motivation to learn Arabic and English Languages under the blended learning environment among 12th grade students in Muscat Governorate, Sultanate of Oman Prof. Said Al-Dhafri  PSYC 2021 2021 Finished
10 RS/EDU/PSYC/2020/01 The relationship between motivation (I want versus I must), persistence, self-control, and tolerance of ambiguity in the academic tasks of university students in the Sultanate of Oman Prof. Hussein Al-Kharusi PSYC 2021 2021 Finished
11 RF/EDU/ECED/20/01 Evaluating the effectiveness of learning difficulties programs in the first and second cycle schools in the Sultanate of Oman Prof. Ibrahim AlQaryouti ECED 2020 2021 Finished
12 RF/EDU/DEFA/20/01 The predicted validity of admission criteria and student performance level in Master programs in College of Education at SQU Prof. Wajeha Al-Ani  EDUC 2020 2021 Finished
13 RF/EDU/CUTM/20/01 Science teachers’ attitudes motivational orientations self-regulation skills and emotions in picture-text-integration (PTI) and PTI-diagnostics in basic and post-basic school education in Oman  Dr. Mohammed Shahat CUTM  2020 2021 Finished



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2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023
Journal Publications 272 265 265 362 489 464 541
Books 103 29 29 30 25 17 130
Book Chapters 13 13 16 29 44 99
Conferences w/presentations 158 127 127 125 136 102 260
TOTAL 533 434 307 533 679 627 1030


Conferences Type 

Year Local



2016 57 15 71 143
2017 32 20 77 129
2018 53 40 76 169
2019 57 58 73 188
2020 78 56 76 210
2021 59 61 44 164
2022 53 52 63 168


College of Education Seminar’s Schedule 2022-2023 :  


No  Date Title Speakers
1 16/2/2023

Artificial Intelligence in higher education: promises, challenges and ethical considerations

"Chat GPT"

Dr. Alsaeed Alshamy



Visual Arts as a Research Interest for the Academic Specializations in Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Yasser Mongy



 SQU House of Expertise - Pure

Jamal  Al-Ghailani

 Basma Alshabibi 

Deanship Of Research

4 15/3/2023

The College of Education invites you to attend a seminar about

Education and the challenges of the digital age

Dr. Khalid R. Alnowaiser



The splendor of Quran eloquence

Dr. Saleh Ahmed AL-Busaidi



Contemporary Trends in Gifted Education

Prof. Taisir Subhi Yamin

7 18/4/2023  SQU Undergraduate Student Research Fund Program (USRF)

Mariya Saleh Al Adawi

Deanship of Research


Research Groups
  • Education Foundations & Administration
  • Physical Education & Sport Sciences
  • Art Education
  • Psychology
  • Islamic Sciences
  • Curriculum and Teaching
  • Education and Learning Technology



Group Chair Group Name
Dr. Yasser F. Hendawy Al-Mahdy Educational Administration and Leadership
Dr. Omer Hashim Ismail Higher Education Studies




Group Chair Group Name
Dr. Badriya Khalfan Al-Hadabi Sport Sciences and Quality of Life
Dr. Radhouane Hadj Sassi Biological Sciences Applied to Sports and Physical Activities
Dr. Mahfoodha Sulaiman Al-Kitani  Exercise for life




Group Chair Group Name
Dr. Zahra Ahmed Al-Zidjali Omani Crafts and Heritage
Prof. Fakhriya Khalfan Al-Yahyaei Omani Visual Art
Dr. Yasser Ebraheem Mongy Critical and Historical Research in Visual Arts




Group Chair Group Name
Prof. Rashid Saif Al Mahrizi Applications of Psychological and Educational Measurement Theories
Prof. Said Sulaiman Al-Dhafri Motivation and Parenting
Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Emam  Interdisciplinary Research in Special-Inclusive Education
Dr. Zubaida Soliman Shebani Cognition and Neuropsychology
Dr. Mahmood Salim Almaawali Research in Counseling and Quality of Life 
Dr. Suhail Mahmoud Al-Zoubi Research in Giftedness and Talent 




Group Chair Group Name
Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al-Kindy Studies in the Prophetic Sunnah
Prof. Mabrouk Mansouri Islamic Thought
Prof. Anke Sandra Bouzenita Studies in Islamic Bioethics
Prof. Sulaiman Ali Al-Shueily Research and Islamic Studies
Prof. Said Rashid Al-Sawafi Studies in Quran




Group Chair Group Name
Prof. Saif Nasser Al-Maamari Citizenship and Social Studies Education
Prof. Mohammed Hamood Al Amri  Education Through Art
Prof. Saleh Salim Al-Busaidi Creative Ways in Teaching and Learning the English Language




Group Chair Group Name
Dr. Shubair Abdulkareem Abdullah Educational Data Mining
Prof. Raja Maznah Binti Raja Hussain The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)