Community service program

  • Developing a community service program offered by the department to faculty members in the department, the college, and the university.
  • Organizing and participating in many meetings, seminars, and forums that support the integration of technology in teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing local, regional, and international cooperation with some universities in training and scientific research
  • Supporting digital transformation in the educational process by converting some of the department's courses (elective university courses) into complete electronic courses.
  • The department has many collaborations and consultations (e.g., the Center for Educational Technology, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and the Center Centre for Community Service & Continuing Education, and the Ministry of Education).
  • The department made some efforts to market its program and provide job opportunities for its graduates.
    • The department has partner with potential employers to offer internship, this help marketing our program and providing job opportunities for our graduates. 
    • The department organized a series of workshops on the sidelines of the training and employment opportunities exhibition. 
    • The department communicated with the Center for Career Guidance at SQU and the Ministry of Labor regarding including the job title of our graduates in the jobs that are announcing annually.