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To achieve the academic accreditation and recognition for the College and its programs with outstanding qualified practices that improve access to optimal learning through reach educational experiences.


To undertake actions and professional practices focused on improving quality of educational experiences and programs that meet international standards, which lead to distinguished graduates. 


The unit works toward accomplishing the following goals:

  • Review, improve and utilize the College accreditation processes.
  • Create and follow up the College plans for accreditation and quality assurance.
  • Communicate with accreditation and quality assurance agencies and organizations.
  • Create and propose the College of Education annual report.
  • Socialize the culture of accreditation among faculty, staff, and candidates.
  • Design and deliver workshops related to accreditation processes.
  • Organize and manage visits of reviewers and accreditation experts. 
  • Follow up submitted reports from reviewers and accreditation experts. 
  • Provide consultation on accreditation processes. 
  • Manage, collect and analyze data of assessment tools for all college programs.

A. QAS (Quality Assurance System) Chart

QAS Chart English


QAS doc

B. QAS (Quality Assurance System) Document                                          


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List of Accredited Programs at College of Education

Accredited Programs F1

Accredited Programs F2



Conceptual Framework

  • Conceptual-Framework

Conceptual Framework 1

Conceptual Framework 2

  • Conceptual-Framework-Poster-Arabic click here
  • Proficiencies-English  

Proficiencies- English

Course Syllabus

CAEP Standards

  • 2016 CAEP Standards for Advanced Programs  click here
  • 2022 CAEP Standards for Initial Programs (1)  click here
  • CAEP Accreditation Policies & Procedures  click here 
  • CAEP Consolidated Handbook 2020  click here
  • InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards  click here


College Program Review


Annual Accountability Measures for Academic Year (2020/2021): [September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021)

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) requires that the Sultan Qaboos University, College of Education report on and show four CAEP Accountability Measures. These measures provide students and stakeholders with information and data on Sultan Qaboos University’s Education Preparation Providers (EPP) teacher candidate and graduate outcomes and impact on P-12 students.

The Sultan Qaboos University, College of Education reports can be found in the following list of CAEP measures with links to the supporting evidence and documentation.

Measure 1 :  Teaching Practice Effectiveness in Fall of 2020 & Spring of 2021 on supervisors & cooperating teachers.

The COE, Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation (QA&AA) and Field Experience and Student Teaching (FIST) has administered a survey for program completers. This survey will help the COE/EPP identify and analyze the impact that our program completers have on P-12 student learning and growth, as well as their effectiveness in applying professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Measure 2 :  Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement. (R4.2|R5.3| RA4.1)

Data in Process

Measure 3 : Candidate competency at completion. (R3.3)

Measure 4: Ability of completers to be hired in positions for which they have prepared.

Each year, Oman’s Department of Education provides employment data who completed a program of study through Sultan Qaboos University's EPP and are currently employed. The employment rate for the year can be found in the following document.


Annual Accountability Measures for Academic Year (2019/2020): [September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020)


Annual Reporting Measures for Academic Year (2018/2019): [September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2019)



A. Identified Key Assessments, as other state-mandated criteria to monitor candidate progress:



B. For Advance Programs, the College of Education EPP has identified key assessments, 

as other state-mandated criteria to monitor candidate progress:


C. For Advance Programs, the College of Education EPP has identified key assessments, 

as other state-mandated criteria to monitor candidate progress:


College of Education Data Retreat Plan For AY (2021/ 2022)

Data retreat




timeline 1

timeline 2

Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit Staff


Dr. Shubair

Dr. Shubair Abdullah   

Unit Head 

 Picture1637823246780000524 Ext. No. 3907  

Picture2637823265749121020 shubair@squ.edu.om


Dalal Al-Hinai 


 Picture1637823246980017289  Ext. No. 3966 

 Picture2637823265749121020 dalalh@squ.edu.om


Salim Al-Manii


   Picture1637823246980017289  Ext. No. 3892

    Picture2637823265749121020 s.almanii@squ.edu.om


Houda Al-Barwani


  Picture1637823246980017289  Ext. No. 3966