Message from the Chair of Psychology


Prof Mahmoud Imam


“At the Department of Psychology, we are committed to achieving excellence through student-centered learning and creating a vibrant environment where students can attain their educational and professional goals. Our Department possesses a team of experienced and well-qualified faculty members who are committed to providing a quality educational experience for our students and to ensure that their time at SQU is a success.” 

Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology was established as an autonomous department within the College of Education in 1999. Since then, it has grown to include a number of master degree programs and over 15 full-time and adjunct faculty members specializing in various areas of psychology. The primary goal of graduate education at the Department of Psychology is to train individuals to be able to provide evidence-based services for children, adults, and families in a variety of educational and healthcare settings. Our master programs annually enroll about 40 new students. Our Department provides a nurturing environment within a challenging setting in which qualified and committed students can realize their full potential.


The Department of Psychology aspires to be a nationally, regionally, and internationally recognized leader in providing undergraduate and graduate education, in increasing scientific and professional knowledge of human behavior and in producing professionals who can use such knowledge to improve the conditions of individuals, institutions and society.


The Department of Psychology is committed to excellence in education, scholarship, and community service. We seek to provide a high quality educational experience for our students that emphasizes psychological theory, the scientific method, and the application of psychological knowledge to real-life situations.

Department Objectives

  • advance our understanding of human behavior from the educational, developmental, cognitive, neurological and social perspectives
  • develop interdisciplinary academic and applied programs that meet the needs of the community
  • provide students with active learning experiences that facilitate entry into the workforce, focusing on the development of skills that they can utilize throughout their lives (knowledge integration, critical analysis, and oral/written communication)
  • produce leaders and independent thinkers in the field of psychology through providing an environment that encourages and fosters scientific inquiry and human values
  • share our knowledge and expertise, collaborating locally and internationally with researchers and working with organizations and policy makers
  • set new standards in psychology education and research that will benefit the Sultanate of Oman and beyond
  • provide a vehicle for community outreach and engagement through offering workshops, lectures and other service programs and events



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