Physical Education & Sport Sciences Department

Physical Education Department (PHED) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) is the only educational institution in Oman that is qualifying physical education teachers and other sport related careers. Since its initiation in 1990 more than 17 cohorts have been graduate working as PE teachers, supervisors, sport managers and sport trainers in various organizations.

The degree plan consist theoretical content of sport physiology, kinesiology, psychology, sport administration, teaching methods and principal of coaching. It also includes skill and motor development of various individual and team sports as well as health fitness and body conditioning. 

PHED contributes to the society by disseminating research results; organize workshops seminars and conferences and joint venture sport events that contribute to the development of sport and health  culture. 



The PHED is committed to achieving excellence in academics and research, and performing a community service at the highest moral and ethical level, which recognizes and responds to the rapid changes that characterize the local and global arenas.


Work towards activating the strategic plan to improve the educational process and achieve excellence in all areas of physical education specialization. That can be accomplished in light of the scientific research and principles of the sport sciences in order to improve the level of health and sport achievement to meet the requirements of the modern society.

Department objectives:

  • To provide all students with theoretical knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and transferable sport skills to enable them to function effectively and efficiently in various sports environments at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • To produce graduates capable of performing scientific research and conduct individual and joint researches on issues related to sports, dynamic and health sciences that meet the needs of the local society.
  • To prepare leaders in supervising and administering sport sectors.
  • To enhance the Omani society's awareness and appreciation of the usefulness of sports and the necessity of physical activity in our modern life.
  • To promote partnerships with local and international authorities and institutions relevant to sports sciences. 

The PHED offers the Bachelor's degree program in Physical Education, which includes practical courses in team sports such as football, handball, volleyball and basketball, and individual sports such as athletics, swimming and gymnastics, theoretical courses such as Sports Organization Management, Sport Physiology, Descriptive & Function Anatomy, Sport Psychology, Movement Education, as well as elective courses such as Recreation in Physical Education and Physical Fitness for the Handicapped. The Department also offers university electives which aim to raise and enhance awareness of the importance of Sports’ culture, as well as to maintain and develop the physical condition of the students of Sultan Qaboos University. 


Bachelor's degree in Physical Education

This programme qualifies national cadres in physical education and sports sciences. The Department accepts General Diploma students who are eligible according to the admission system which provides equal opportunities to all applicants. 


To be enrolled in Physical Education major, a student must:

  • Get a minimum grade of 'C' in Basic Arabic Language, Basic English Language and School Sports.
  • Pass all medical, physical and skill tests.


Students enrolled in this program must complete (125) credit hours distributed as follows:

  • University requirements:         (12 credit hours)
  • Major requirements:                (107 credit hours)
  • Major electives:                        (6 credit hours)