Psychology Department

Since the establishment of Sultan Qaboos University in 1986/87, the psychology department was first established as a unit within the department of education and psychology at the College of Education and Islamic Sciences which is currently known as the College of Education. In 1998/1999 the University’s Council approved the establishment of the department of psychology as an autonomous department. Furthermore, the Department started the M.A. degree program in Educational Psychology since 1995/1996, and in 2000/2001 the Master program was further developed to include two specializations: “evaluation & measurement” and “learning & instruction. In 2006/2007 a one-year postgraduate diploma program in "learning difficulties" was offered. In 2008/2009 the department started the Higher Diploma in Career Guidance and intermediate diploma in Special Education. The department has recently developed to include two master programs in both career & counseling and in learning disabilities. These programs started from the academic year 2013/2014. The department of psychology has contributed to research and community service through the workshops and lectures it has offered for the ministries and other institutions in Oman. Although still a service department at the undergraduate level, the psychology department offers compulsory and elective courses to students in the College of Education and other colleges.


The Department of Psychology is pursuing a standard of distinction among similar departments in other universities at the national, regional, and international levels through executing specialized academic programs and community services, in addition to conducting scientific research in psychology, which pertains to human, social, and economic development in Omani society.


The Department’s mission is to qualify experts in the field of psychology through providing students with knowledge that is related to the educational and psychological well-being of individuals. Moreover, the Department's mission includes helping students to acquire scientific and academic research skills and enable them to apply information technology in psychological and educational issues. The Department’s mission extends further in its contribution to prepare well- trained teachers equipped with adequate knowledge and skills in psychology. In addition to these functions, the Department plays a significant role in spreading awareness about human psychology, and providing university and community services.

Department objectives:

Through its Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs and courses, the Department of Psychology aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provides and strengthens student's psychological knowledge and those who are trained in the department.
  • Develops the skills of planning and executing psychological and counseling practices to employ them in various fields of work.
  • Understands individual differences in growth, learning and motivation as well as cultural and social differences to fulfill justice in growth and learning.
  • Utilize psychological and educational measures properly to diagnose problems and take the appropriate decisions to solve the problems.
  • Offers service programs, workshops, lectures in education and psychology that satisfies the needs of university and the community.
  • Establishing and developing academic and applied programs with an interdisciplinary nature in cooperation with other departments and colleges to  meet community needs.
  • Helping to improve public awareness of psychology and its role through participation in various media programs.
  • Employing information technology in teaching, research and psychological services.
  • Following up program graduates to obtain feedback that helps in improving academic and service programs of the department.
  • Originating research and improving the skills of beneficiaries in the pursuit of sustainable learning and development.
  • Developing inquiry and research skills that would help in solving problems and making sound decisions in various psychological services.
  • Help developing positive attitudes toward major and toward beneficiaries of the psychological services.

Program System

  • This program is based on a system of credit hours (courses and thesis) in accordance with Sultan Qaboos University postgraduate academic regulations. (PAR).
  • Full-time and part-time study options are available to students in the various tracks of this program.

Program Vision

  • To be an outstanding Master Program in Psychology.

Program Mission

  • To prepare individuals to serve in the various fields of Psychology and to meet the demands of the public and private sectors in Oman.

Program Objectives

  • Providing students with the necessary professional and research skills to undertake research in various areas of Psychology.
  • Improving students' ability to write in an appropriate manner in various areas of Psychology.
  • Helping students develop problem solving skills, decision making, critical thinking, and creativity related to the field of Psychology.
  • Mastery of skills in the design and standardization of measurement tools.

Program Language

  • The language of instruction and thesis writing is Arabic.

General Description of the Program

Table 1 and Figure 1 summarize the general description and the plan of the program:

Tracks Study System No. of CR No. of Courses Part/ Full time Duration (years)
Educational Psychology Courses & Thesis 27 9 2-3
Measurement and Evaluation Courses & Thesis 27 9 2-3
Learning Disabilities Courses & Thesis 27 9 2-3
Career Guidance and Counseling Courses & Thesis 27 9 2-3