The College of Education is keen to keep an open channel with its alumni from the graduated cohorts in all majors. The office of Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service cooperates with the Center for Career Guidance and the different department at the college to plan and execute various gathering throughout the academic year to bring the college alumni with the faculty members and current candidates at the college. Some of the gatherings conducted recently are:


1.     First M.Ed. in educational leadership alumni gathering on 9 April 2013

2.     Islamic education alumni gathering “reality and ambitions” on 5 April 2015


Moreover, the office strives to strengthen the relationships with the alumni and sustain it as long as possible in order to utilize their experiences in serving the college, university, and the community at large. Through the Center for Career Guidance, the office has created an electronic database of the college’s graduates to achieve its goals with the alumni. It contacts them whenever the college plans any educational conventions, seminars, or symposiums either in the alumni majors or in education in general and invites them to attend. The college alumni also participate in mentoring some of the college’s candidates when the latter does student teaching in their schools or internships in their professional sites. This creates a professionally reciprocal positive experience for both parties.